Google goes (very) dark

By on March 11, 2022 in Blog, Google, Internet

Google has rolled out a new theme for its search engine – taking things to the darkest level possible.

The search giant announced in February it was rolling out a Dark theme, with the initial results showing lighter text against a very dark grey background. Now, Google has taken this to the furthest point possible, with its background going fully black (hex #000000).

“Barrier-busting laws” to remove mobile black spots

The UK government has pledged a change to the law that would ensure the entire country is served by mobile connectivity – totally eradicating so-called ‘not spots’.

Over recent years the government has invested billions into installing new masts and networks across the UK to not just speed up the 5G roll out, but also ensure all areas of the UK get effective coverage.

Britain braced for Russian cyber attack

By on February 28, 2022 in Blog, Security, Topical, Web privacy

The ongoing situation in Ukraine could have a pronounced impact on UK technology infrastructure, with Russia thought to be preparing cyber attacks on the west.

Though the physical fighting has dominated news outlets in recent days, an altogether different army is thought to be mobilising behind the scenes, preparing to bring down IT networks and infrastructure across the globe, not least in the UK.

Google flexing in new war with Microsoft

By on February 25, 2022 in Blog, Google, Internet, New technology

Google has taken aim at Microsoft’s corporate market share with a new programme to help businesses make the switch to Chrome.

Back when it was launched in 2010, Chrome was little more than a slimmed down browser – offering a way to access the web without as much the bloat as other platforms. It was a resounding success, and Chrome now takes almost ten times the market share of its nearest rivals.

Street furniture to expedite 4G and 5G connectivity roll out

The roll out of 4G and 5G connectivity could get a significant boost – with the removal of red tape helping the installation of cell sites in new locations.

Bus shelters, lamp posts and traffic lights are among the pieces of street furniture that could be utilised by the government to install a great many more cell sites across the UK and boost superfast mobile connectivity.

Collaboration calamity could catch companies cold

Businesses have become entirely reliant on collaboration tools during the pandemic – but a staggering number don’t have plans in place in case these systems were to fail.

These are the findings from a new study by videoconferencing and collaboration software company StarLeaf, which discovered that some 97% of UK businesses now see the likes of Zoom, Teams and WebEx as “absolutely essential” to their business.