Microsoft has released a new app for Teams that could make meetings more effective and streamline post-call catch-ups.

Simply called ‘Meet’, the new app is aimed less at what goes on during a meeting but instead everything before and after. It provides a single view of upcoming meetings, then centralises all of a user’s common prep by helping organise and compile content. After a call, Meet makes it easy to go over all the discussions and any actions that emerged from it.

Meet is already available, although you do need to be in the new Teams platform. If you’ve not yet made the switch, simply toggle the ‘New Teams’ slider in the top-left of the window to get started.

Next, click the ellipsis on the left-hand menu bar and select ‘View more apps’. From here you can search for and select Meet (or right click on it then hit ‘Pin’ to add it to your navigation and make access easier in future).

With Meet enabled, you’ll see an ‘Up next’ banner at the top of the page showing your coming meetings, as well as key information such as the agenda, notes and the person who invited you. There’s also the option to RSVP, reschedule or set a reminder, as well as useful prompts if a meeting clashes with something else in your diary.

From the Up next section, you can pre-set it to record a meeting you’ve organised, or request a recording if it’s somebody else’s. There’s also a Chat icon to send a note to attendees beforehand, and even a ‘Running late’ option which sends a quick pre-written message to let others know you’re on your way.

Once meetings have passed, head to the ‘Recent’ section where you’ll be able to see all the content shared, whether that’s chat messages, files or recordings of the session. You can search within this to find specific individuals or keywords.

Announcing its ‘excitement’ at launching Meet, Microsoft noted that it was delivered to make meetings more effective, saying that virtual catch-ups were “a cornerstone of a successful hybrid work implementation.”