Businesses warned: Ransomware is your biggest threat

By on October 25, 2021 in Blog, Security, Web privacy

Ransomware presents the most immediate danger to UK businesses, according to the head of Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre.

In a speech given earlier this month, Lindy Cameron warned that ransomware poses the most immediate danger – not just to businesses but also schools, local councils and national governments. In fact, recent attacks that hit everyone from Hackney Council to the Irish Health Service show that nobody is exempt.

What do I get with Windows 11?

By on October 8, 2021 in Blog, Microsoft, New technology

Microsoft has rolled out Windows 11 as a free upgrade for all Windows 10 users – so what can you expect from the refreshed OS?

Perhaps the biggest change comes not in the form of a feature, but a change to the way Microsoft will roll out these updates in future. Following the like of Apple, Windows updates will be rolled out more frequently in future, with refreshes promised every year.

Mystery hacking group targets global telecoms

By on October 1, 2021 in Blog, Security, Web privacy

Telecoms firms have been warned they could be at risk from a mysterious cybercrime group that has been using much more sophisticated techniques than your average hacker.

Cyber security firm Cloudstrike identified the presence of hackers able to spy on users of telecoms providers across the world. The group uses technology developed itself to gain access to consumers’ details (such as their subscriber information and call metadata) without even needing to hack their phones directly. Instead. All this can be gleaned straight from the carrier.

AI cannot be named as an inventor… yet

By on September 17, 2021 in Blog, Miscellaneous, Topical

The UK’s Court of Appeal has ruled that AI cannot be the inventor of patents, as ownership must fall to a human.

The landmark case came after US inventor Dr Stephen Thaler lodged two patent applications naming his AI system – called Dabus – as the inventor. He claimed the idea for the patents (one for a type of food container and the other for a specific flashing light) came from the “creativity machine” and not himself.

EU to force smartphone charger standardisation

By on September 10, 2021 in Blog, Mobile devices

All smartphones sold in the European Union could soon come with a standardised USB-C charger, in a bid to reduce e-waste.

To combat the 11,000 tonnes of waste generated every year by charging cables alone, the EU has pledged to force all tech manufacturers operating across the bloc to use a universal system – thereby allowing consumers to re-use their existing cables.