All indications are that top IT manufacturers will be turning their attention to innovation around the home this year with several of them showcasing their latest equipment at the Consumer Electronics Show which took place in Las Vegas earlier this month.

French firm Archos joined South Korean companies Samsung and LG in their attempts to capture the attention of consumers and experts at the event, which has developed a reputation for showcasing technologically advanced products.

Archos announced before the expo that it would be demonstrating its Smart Home Tablet, which can be used to control other linked equipment, while LG’s focus will be on the new HomeChat system. Announced in 2013, this allows users to control a range of devices using only text messages. The company may well be looking to target those who are yet to move on to smartphones.

Samsung’s new Smart Home system will enable users to bring a range of devices together to work seamlessly as part of one network, reports. According to a company spokesperson, the new equipment would be capable of turning all of a property’s appliances and lights off at once after receiving simple instructions via a smartphone or smartwatch app.

The announcements highlight a real emphasis from tech manufacturers on making things easier for consumers around the home. Samsung explained that its new product would focus on three specific aspects in its attempt to make the home a less intimidating place to be: customer service, the controlling of devices and remote surveillance.

Martin Garner, a home technologies specialist from consultancy firm CCS Insight, spoke about the company’s approach. He was quoted by as saying: “Samsung have had the same connected home vision for a while, but their implementation of it was a bit ragged. In the past they had different apps for different appliances and they didn’t all join up. It sounds like they’ve tidied that up quite nicely now.”