If you’re one of the 250 million monthly users of Teams, you’ll be aware of its many options for meetings, chats and file sharing.

However, what you may not be aware of is the sheer number of shortcuts available to you from within the Command Box or through keyboard shortcuts. In fact, the Command Box at the top of the page does much more than just traditional searches, but responds to a whole array of different instructions for those in the know.

For example, typing /call into the Command Box will open a list of your most frequent collaborators. Then, simply select the individual you wish to call (or search for them by name if they don’t appear in the suggestions) to quickly start a voice call from wherever you are in Teams.

Another time-saver is /files, which provides a drop-down of your most recently used files, along with the date in which they were last opened. With one click you can select the one you want to open.

If you’re looking for a recent message you’ve been looped into, try /mentions to immediately open a window showing the most recent messages addressed to you specifically. Similarly, /unread opens a list of your currently unread items so you can view them all at-a-glance when you have a moment to read through.

To head somewhere specific within Teams you simply have to use /goto, then select your chosen Team or Channel to jump straight in.

You can also keep up to speed with the latest developments headed to Microsoft Teams. /whatsnew takes you into Help > What’s New, where you can see the latest release notes arranged by date.

There are a great many others to try out, and no doubt more to be added as other shortcuts are identified and created in future. However, one way to keep on top of this – or to see all those currently available – is the shortcut to show shortcuts. By either typing /keys in the Command Bar, or using Ctrl + . on your keyboard, you’ll open the Keyboard Shortcuts menu, showing all the current ways of navigating MS Teams in a flash.