Windows 10 is getting faster and more stable – at least according to Microsoft’s own figures. The company continually monitors the performance of its operating systems, to provide its strategists with the best, real-world data with which to influence future decisions.

These most recent efforts have given both shareholders and users alike plenty to smile about, with improvements across a number of key areas.

Though the number of active Windows 10 users has grown since the Anniversary Update (1607) of last summer, the number of support volumes has actually dropped. Specifically, installation and troubleshooting update enquiries saw the biggest decline.

There was also plenty to celebrate in the four months since the Creators Update (1703) was rolled out. During this time, devices typically booted up 13% faster, whilst logging in after booting up got 18% quicker. Devices with facial recognition software also saw a speed boost of up to 30%, whilst the Edge browser welcomed a 53% speed boost, thanks to improvements in page loading and scrolling.

Microsoft underlines the need to run Windows updates

Not only were updated devices running faster, they were also much more stable. Microsoft saw an 18% reduction in users hitting certain system stability issues, compared with earlier versions of Windows 10. Additionally, by working closely with its ecosystem partners across the globe, Microsoft drove a 39% reduction in operating system and driver stability issues between the Anniversary Update and Creators Update.

Though Microsoft didn’t put any numerical value on how much more secure its devices are today compared with this time last year, it did reiterate the need to keep devices up to date in order to get the best protection.

In his round-up, John Cable, Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery, said: “In each new Windows feature update, we build the latest security technology deep into the operating system. In each new monthly quality update, we add another layer of security, one that tracks emerging and changing trends in malware and viruses.

“As always, being on the latest version of Windows 10 provides the most up-to-date security technology.”

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