Microsoft’s Office product line has become rather ubiquitous over the years, with businesses the world over using it for a host of critical applications. However, it’s always worth conducting an objective appraisal before you opt for any one solution, even something as popular as Office 365.

So, with all the evidence at your fingertips, you’ll be able to ascertain whether Microsoft Office 365 the right fit for your business and its unique set of needs.

The benefits of Office 365 have been well documented over the years, and perhaps the biggest of these is simply the time it has been on the market (at least in one guise or another). The advantage of an established player over some latecomer is that it has had so much time to be tested and put through its paces in the real world, by actual companies rather than in limited test scenarios. All the feedback Microsoft has accrued over the years has gone back in to create a system that works for a great many needs and has all the latest features that businesses require.

This goes further than just productivity – it’s also a big security benefit too. The investment put into Office 365 over the years makes it arguably the most secure and trustworthy solution. Specifically, Microsoft has rolled out various features to identify potential threats, protect against the loss of data and offer top-of-the-range virus protection.

There’s also scalability, with Microsoft able to tailor each plan to the individual needs of each business user. As a company starts up, it can have limited access and only pay for the features it needs or will use. As operations ramp up, budgets increase and more functions are needed, the software licence can be scaled up accordingly. It all means that Office 365 users get what they pay for and only what they require.

Of course, there are downsides to consider as well. For example, Office 365 is relying more than ever on cloud hosting. Whilst this frees up capacity on your local devices, it means you will only be able to access files or programs when you have an internet connection. Head out of range and you’ll be stuck in the wilderness.

Elsewhere, Microsoft Office 365 has certain requirements in order for it to run safely and efficiently. So be prepared for the need to use up-to-date systems for it to run effectively for your business.

Armed with all the information – both positive and negative – you can be sure to make the correct decision for your business when it comes to the deployment of new technology.