A new tool will make it easier than ever to take Google Meet calls when on the move.

Google has created a new mode for its Meet platform called ‘On-The-Go’, which strips away all the most data-intensive actions to provide a streamlined way to keep people connected.

When activating On-The-Go mode, a user’s camera is disabled, and all incoming video from other meeting participants is stopped. Furthermore, the buttons on the screen are stripped back and those which remain (Mute, Audio and Raise) are made much larger. This has all been done so that even people walking around can still be involved in meetings without feeling too separate or having their connection drop out – or accidentally hitting buttons they didn’t mean to.

The Mute button does all that you’d expect, whilst the Audio option allows users to switch between their phone’s speaker or Bluetooth, for example. Raise is simply the option to put up a hand and interject.

Google Meet users wanting to switch to On-The-Go mode can do so manually using the in-call menu. However, there is a more intuitive way. If the device detects movement (enough to suggest that a person is walking), it will present the user with the option to switch to On-The-Go mode automatically.

This is all part of Google’s ongoing campaign to make its products – and Google Meet especially – more intuitive and user friendly. Whilst the likes of MS Teams have gone for the heart of the corporate market with an abundance of features, Google has instead focused more on functionality and usability.

On-The-Go mode follows many other small but noticeable changes for Google Meet, which include improved subject tracking to keep people in view, and the ability to mute or unmute at the touch of a button (in this case the spacebar).

Whilst this latest feature hasn’t yet made it to global release, all the signs are looking positive for widespread development in a matter of days or weeks. Techradar anticipates the feature is “likely close to a public release”.