Christmas is around the corner, which means that so too are the scenes of baffled relatives scouring their nearest PC World for the gifts their tech-loving family members. If you’re in the market for a geeky, gadget-y gift, take a look at our top 10 recommendations.

  1. Smart mug

We’ve had smart TVs and fridges – now comes the mug. This clever cup will keep drinks at exactly the right temperature, so your tea will remain drinkable, even if you forget about it for hours.

  1. Apple Watch

Apple’s wearable is now in its sixth iteration. For your money you’ll get a watch that measures blood oxygen levels, heart rate, workouts and plenty more besides.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s smart speaker has had a refresh for version 4, with a new round look. It’s not just the visuals, though, with improvements in sound quality and bass levels too. There are also cute versions with animal faces on for younger audiences.

  1. Age testing kit

Those online quizzes that guess your age based on a number of questions have nothing on these new DNA kits. Using a range of measurements, they can inform you of your true biological age – so you can utilise a more bespoke diet and fitness regime.

  1. Wireless charger

Cables are so last year. Go wireless with a charging pad that you can simply place your various devices onto rather than plugging them in.

  1. Earbuds

It’s not just charging that has gone wireless, so too have headphones. Earbuds are the latest way to listen to music on the go, connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth.

  1. Portable photo printer

Counter-intuitively, though we’re taking more photos than ever (thanks, smartphones!) we’re printing significantly fewer of them off. If your loved ones are yearning for photo prints, get them a portable photo printer that connects directly to their devices.

  1. Phone sanitizer

With the pandemic still raging – and the knowledge that most phones are dirtier than toilet seats – smartphone users can clean up their act with a sanitizer and charger all in one.

  1. Charging cord bracelet

Anyone living in fear of being caught without charge when they’re out and about need worry no more! Charging cord bracelets look unassuming at first, but unclip to reveal a USB charger to provide a short blast of power.

  1. Self-cleaning water bottle

One big drawback for reusable bottles is how difficult they can be to clean. This has been addressed with a self-cleaning alternative, which uses UV-C LED light to not just clean the bottle, but the drinking water inside as well.