Each new year brings with it excitement for the new products or solutions on the horizon, and 2022 is no exception. There are some huge tech developments on their way over the coming 12 months, so here are five of the most exciting or disruptive.

End of passwords

It’s long been known that passwords aren’t the most advanced or even secure way to lock away personal accounts or data – and are probably the weakest of all options currently in use. Finally it seems their days are numbered – with 2022 potentially being the year that passwords tip over into obsolescence. Alternatives like facial or fingerprint recognition will only increase, alongside the wider adoption of public key infrastructure and multifactor authentication.

Work from anywhere

If the past two years has been about the drive to work from home, the next one will be about working from anywhere. After all, if an employee has their work device and a suitable, reliable connection, does it matter where in the world they are?

This approach is only set to grow in prevalence, as companies ditch the traditional office for more flexible alternatives that could also reduce overheads.

Exciting new inputs

There has been little to challenge the established computer inputs in decades, but that could all be about to change.

The physical keyboard could be first to go, with on-screen keys like we know from mobile devices starting to become more prominent. Elsewhere there’s an anticipated drive towards voice-to-text, as well as new peripherals such as pens with haptic feedback to provide a more interactive user experience.

Interactive entertainment

The interactivity continues in the entertainment world, with new technologies driving more connected experience. Whether it’s viewers going into a film in the first person, or making choices that will impact how the story proceeds, the days of passively watching a film or TV programme may soon be over.

Sophisticated fraud

Unfortunately, not all the developments for 2022 are positive ones. Fraudsters have long used emerging technologies and practices to make their attacks more sophisticated, and 2022 will likely see this continue.

As more personal data goes online, and hackers find new ways to bypass even the latest security measures, it’s anticipated they’ll find new ways of getting in – and using the data to launch more personalised attacks.