This past weekend saw a podium finish for the M2 Computing engineered kart, with sponsored driver Harvey Roffe behind the wheel, winning round 4 of the TKM Extreme British Kart Championships at the Whilton Mill kart circuit.

It takes a lot of hard work to be successful in both business and sport. The devil is in the details.

M2 Computing compete in the British Kart Championships testing their engineering and management skills to the highest level. To compete against the best, you need to make sure all systems are functioning at their highest levels. Attention to detail and high levels of concentration are required as one false move can result in your performance being compromised.

M2 Computing manages its customers Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure systems with the same attention to detail. Our highly skilled technical team uses the industry’s cutting edge solutions for remote monitoring, management and 24×7 security protection to enable your business to compete at the highest level.