Even the biggest tech evangelists among us will admit the system isn’t perfect, and that technology’s influence on our lives has brought additional stresses (as well as all the myriad benefits).

Whether it’s anxiety over misreading the tone of a message, sleep struggles from using a device late at night, or even feelings of isolation when out of signal or WiFi reach for any length of time, there are many ways in which greater connectivity has had a rather less-than-positive impact on our day-to-day lives.

That’s why Christmas is the ideal time to go over some of the more typical mobile phone stressors, so they can be avoided at what’s meant to be the happiest time of the year.

First up is nomophobia – the fear of being without a mobile phone or its connection. So real is this fear that it has its own name and a place in the dictionary to go with it. However, try to avoid the fear this Christmas by breaking the dependency as early as you can.

Those messages will still be there when you get signal once again, and that email can definitely wait, so don’t alienate those you’re with (especially if you’ve travelled to see them) by being somewhere else mentally.

Arguably the most well-known mobile stressors come in the form of social media. Our feeds are filled with other people living their best lives all year round, but it really comes to a head at Christmas – with people showing off their perfect trees, expensive gifts and Nigella-esque cooking.

Remember, though, this is just the part they’re willing to show you. It’s likely the panettone that never rose, the sprouts that burned and the credit card bill lurking in January never did make it to their Instagram stories, so don’t compare yourself to others when you’ve only been shown some of the picture.

Do away with the mobile stresses and you’re likely to have a happier, merrier Christmas.