Unfortunately hackers are getting more and more sophisticated in their assaults on our mailboxes and even the most cautious employee could easily be fooled into opening a malicious email or clicking a rogue URL.

Clicking a link or downloading an attachment that looks real – but isn’t – can be the start of a long road back to recovery for your company as the infection of one computer with a virus or ransomware attack can also infect the rest of the computers on your network. This kind of assault can take days to fix, causing employee stress, business downtime and even result in loss of business.

With M2 Computing and Microsoft, we can help you stay one step ahead.  A simple Office 365 license add on called ‘Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection’, can secure your company’s mailboxes and protect them against new attacks in real time:

  • Safeguard your mailboxes against advanced threats
  • Filter and detonate unsafe attachments
  • Protect your environment from malicious links
  • Prevent business downtime which could cost you thousands

How does it work?


All suspicious-looking attachments are put through Safe Attachments analysis and any that don’t make the grade are sent to a remote, protected sandbox environment where attachments can be opened safely in a detonation chamber to check they are harmless before being sent on to the intended recipients.

Malicious links

Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection scans content to protect against malicious links. Safe Links then takes it a stage further by protecting your IT environment when users click a link. URLs are examined in real time (when the user actually clicks the link) and warns the user not to visit the site or blocks the site if it is found to be unsafe.

Knowledge is power

Reporting and message tracing will provide valuable analytical data and insights into who specifically is being targeted and the types of attacks, helping you build a clear picture so you can ensure all staff remain vigilant.

What is the impact of accidently clicking on a link or downloading an attachment on a malicious email?

The potential damage to your business is huge if you are the victim of a successful malware or ransomware attack. One of our clients estimated losses of £15k per day as a result of downtime caused by a virus on their network.

Add an extra layer of protection with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

You can add Advanced Threat Protection to your existing Exchange or Office 365 plans for just £1.30 per user per month. And let’s face it, that’s small change to secure your network against unknown and increasingly sophisticated attacks.

To find out more, please get in touch with Paul Kollnig on 0845 034 2150 or paul.kollnig@m2computing.co.uk