A new service designed to protect your digital legacy was announced by Fortunesoft UK Ltd earlier this week.  The Soldier’s Box was named after a common practise which occurred during World War I.  Soldiers on the frontline often kept their personal possessions and important documents in small tins or boxes. If they lost their life in action these boxes of treasured possessions would be passed to their loved ones, the contents bringing comfort to families at a time of grieving.  The modern day Soldier’s Box works in exactly the same simple way.  Digital assets and files are stored in a highly secure online box which includes a unique mechanism for easily passing the contents to a trustee and multiple beneficiaries.

The Soldier’s Box can be used for storing private personal files including family photos, videos and messages to loved ones. On a more practical level it can be used for household documents, bill details, passwords and account log-ins. For business owners or the self-employed, it offers an ideal solution to store vital information regarding the running of a small business. It is not designed to replace a Will, in fact the Soldier’s Box initiation code required to open the box, can be added to a Will to cover your digital legacy.

Currently in development, The Soldier’s Box has recently been through user acceptance testing and is due to launch this summer. To assist with the launch, the team have recently entered the Virgin Business Pitch to Rich 2015 campaign to win a share of a £1 million marketing fund.

For more information about The Soldier’s Box visit www.thesoldiersbox.com.