Superfast broadband may be more accessible than ever, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the British public is any the wiser for it.

According to Ofcom, the government’s Broadband Delivery UK program has provided superfast broadband access to eight in ten homes. However, uSwitch countered with its own report that found consumers remain confused about what exactly is available in their area. As such, only a quarter of UK consumers now use a superfast broadband connection.

In fact, less than a third of those surveyed by uSwitch who still use standard broadband think they’re able to get a superfast connection at home – even for those who are willing to pay for it. More than 40 per cent were unaware of the speeds available in their area.

Rural users most aware of what’s on offer

It seems the most clued up on superfast broadband availability are those in rural areas. Whilst this may seem a little surprising at first, uSwitch noted that this group – which has long suffered at the hands of sluggish internet speeds – has more of a vested interest in getting connected to fibre. As such, only 28 per cent of rural homeowners were completely unaware of the broadband speeds they’d be able to access. In urban areas, meanwhile, it’s 44 per cent of homeowners who are oblivious, and 52 per cent in the suburbs.

Commenting on the study, a uSwitch spokesperson told “As the majority of us become heavy or moderate internet users, we expect even more from our internet connections. With 42 per cent of households regularly using three or more gadgets on WiFi at once, there’s never been a greater need for faster speeds in UK homes.

“Despite significant investment in superfast broadband, awareness – over whether you can get fibre broadband – is still one of the biggest barriers to enjoying superfast speeds. Consumers who are interested in superfast broadband should do their research to make sure they are considering all available providers. Using tools such as a postcode checker will allow you to see which providers offer fibre in your area and what speeds you can receive before you commit.”

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