By now you should know that Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on April 8th. The software giant is well aware that this message has been reported on, blogged about and tweeted ad infinitum over recent months and is keen to begin pushing some more positive forward-looking advice to business owners as the deadline approaches.

In a blog post written by Peter K. Han, Microsoft vice president of U.S. OEM, he says he does not wish to repeat what we already know but, instead, talk about the benefits of using Windows 8.1.

Han commented: “If you’re a Microsoft partner, or an engaged business owner, it’s no surprise to you that Microsoft is ending its support for Windows XP on April 8. The topic has dominated technology and business publications over the past few months, and I’m not here to repeat what you already know. Instead, I’d like to focus on the real potential I’ve seen from saying goodbye to one of my favourite versions of Windows.”

[themecolor]XP was a game changer but the game has changed[/themecolor]

Han referred to Windows XP as a ‘game changer’ in its time, an operating system that enabled new opportunities for businesses and helped users really discover the potential of Windows.

But there is no place for nostalgia in IT – the industry moves too quickly for that – and Han says that Windows 8.1 offers an opportunity to embrace that change.

So with smartphones now accounting for more than 50 percent of mobile phones and consumers changing their behaviour thanks to new products and services such as tablets and cloud computing, what benefits could a modern operating system bring to your business? Han identified the four key areas below.

[themecolor]Ways your business could benefit from Windows 8.1[/themecolor]


Windows 8.1 is just as happy running on a tablet as a desktop and Microsoft’s latest operating system was designed to maximize the new mobile and touch-focused computing world. So it provides users with the ability to work wherever, whenever and with any type of device, which is not the case with Windows XP.


Windows 8.1 is designed for speed and productivity. With a faster boot time, improved search and multi-tasking capabilities, cloud-based integration and enhanced multi-monitor support, your employees will find it easier to complete their daily tasks; while upgraded device management capabilities will have your IT administrator singing your praises.


Use of the internet was not as widespread when Windows XP was in its infancy and, as hackers and cyber criminals have become more prevalent, new hardware and technologies have evolved to help protect your business. Windows 8.1 Pro is specially designed to take advantage of these new capabilities.

Remote access

Whether it’s an unexpected call from a client while you’re out of the office or an unexpected emergency, Windows 8.1 Pro enables users to create a Remote Desktop Connection to the PC enabling the user to connect from any internet-connected device in the world.

[themecolor]XP is dead. Long live Windows 8.1.[/themecolor]

Maybe Han has a point. As he concludes in his blog: “Change is not always easy, but upgrading to a modern operating system will ensure your business is best prepared for the changing landscape of how business is done in today’s digital world.”

Now this really is the final call for all users of XP to contact us in order to discuss their upgrade options. Windows 8.1 is not your only choice, but you do need to act quickly to avoid the potential threat of security breaches and incompatibilities that await you down the line.