Microsoft’s investment in its AI assistant shows no sign of abating, after the tech giant announced a whole new suite of features, functions and upgrades coming soon.

One of the biggest changes comes with a huge expansion in the number of plugins that now work with Copilot – among them OpenTable, Kayak, Shopify, Klarna and Instacart. By combining the functionality of these platforms with Copilot’s voice commands, users can make restaurant reservations, plan dinner menus or even draft shopping lists ready for check-out.

Looking inwardly, Copilot will soon be able to make changes to device settings quickly and intuitively. Users can enter a number of prompts and the AI system will be able to act upon them to do everything from enabling battery saver mode to launching the screen magnifier or emptying the Recycle Bin.

Whilst these prompts will make it easy to use system features, they’ll really come into their own for users with additional needs – who can toggle features with just a simple prompt.

Elsewhere, Copilot continues to make strides in the creative world. Two new updates will bring a smart erase function to the Photos app (to easily remove unwanted objects and imperfections), and a silence eraser from Clipchamp (to make videos and recordings more snappy and less awkward).

Of course, as Copilot gets smarter and offers ever more functionality, users may lose track of what’s available – or just what they need to say or do to activate it. To solve this Microsoft will make voice shortcuts accessible by default, so users can create custom commands for all their most commonly used functions.

Whilst many of these new features are headed to Windows immediately, some may be rolled out more iteratively across devices and locations. If you want to ensure you’re among the first to get these changes (both now and with future developments), select ‘Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available’ from within the Windows Update settings.