Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled the official launch date for the eagerly awaited Windows 10.  From 29th July 2015, the new operating system will be available in 190 markets around the world. Microsoft are offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users for the first year. After this period ends, Microsoft will either introduce a new service subscription model or continue to charge a single one off payment.  This is yet to be officially clarified by Microsoft.

When Microsoft introduced Windows 8 back in October 2012, it faced widespread criticism for moving too far away from the familiar functionality highly valued by Windows 7 customers. As a result the market was slow adopt the new Windows 8 operating system and many either stayed with Windows 7 or waited until Windows 8.1, particularly business users. With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft have brought back some of the favourite Windows 7 features such as the Start Menu bar, which were dropped from Windows 8. For simplicity, the new version offers a single platform across smartphone devices, pcs and tablets. Windows 10 also includes the digital personal assistant ‘Cortana’ in the desktop version and a new internet browser named ‘Edge’.

Last month, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke at a conference for IT professionals in Chicago, stating that the company is ‘making a profound change in how it approaches Windows’. He also speaks of ‘Windows as a service’ turning Windows 10 into far more than just an operating system. By this, Nadella means Windows 10 will be delivered as an application via the cloud rather than a system installed on a PC or laptop.

The free upgrade path also applies to businesses users. Clients using Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. As with any new operating system launch, the advice we offer for small to medium sized businesses is to sit tight with your current Windows version for now until the dust settles. New operating systems will always require software fixes shortly after launch and it makes sense to wait a couple of months until it is stable. We would also be happy to review your organisations current systems and applications to determine whether upgrading to Windows 10 this year is advisable for your business.

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