It may be some months before Apple takes the wrappers of its latest iPhone device, but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill turning, as experts, insiders and forecasters give some insight into what you may be able to expect from the next release. So, here are all the latest and most credible rumours, to detail the most likely features heading for the iPhone 12.

The device’s design could be one of the most immediately noticeable changes, with the iPhone set to undergo its first serious change since 2017. Reports claim Apple could go back to the type of metal frames seen on the iPhone 4 or iPad Pro, with squarer edges than what has been used on more recent designs. These are likely to be made of stainless steel in the larger versions, or aluminium for smaller models.

The device could also be marginally slimmer, with the iPhone 12 Max expected to come in at 7.4mm, compared with the current iPhone 11 Max’s 8.1mm.

Inside there are bigger changes still, most notably for the processor. It seems Apple is well and truly taking aim at Android, with a 5nm A14 bionic chipset that is thought to have posted better scores across the board than the Snapdragon 865 – which has been used in a number of Android flagships this year. In real terms, this could mean the new iPhone is able to share content at speeds of up to 30Gbps and leave even its biggest rivals looking sluggish.

Another big change comes with the new iPhone’s ability to connect to 5G. Leaks have shown the SIM card slot has switched sides, with many expecting this to be so Apple could make room for a 5G antenna. If so, this would make the new iPhone the first to offer 5G connectivity.

Elsewhere, it’s strongly rumoured that all devices in the iPhone 12 range could come with OLED screens, to make them far stronger than their LCD alternatives. Previously there had been a split, with the iPhone 11 coming with an LCD screen, and the Pro version coming with OLED.

These are, of course, all rumours – albeit based on well-placed sources and some knowledgeable insights. But until the famously secretive company (which loves a surprise) takes the covers off its new iPhone, you really can’t take anything for granted.