Google has officially taken the wrapper off its new Pixel 4 smartphone, following claims there was nothing left to say following months of leaks.

Most of the new device’s features and capabilities were already in the public sphere, prompting some to call Pixel 4 the world’s “most leaked” smartphone. Surely enough, anticipated features such as the dual camera, face ID capabilities, 90Hz displays and orange colour option were all present. However, there were still a few surprise additions.

First was the focus on Pixel 4’s astrophotography capabilities – launched under the banner “capture the cosmos”. Google showed off images of a starry night sky as captured on the Pixel 4, with a promise that the device was even able to capture the milky way.

That’s not all, as a new feature enables users to set two different exposure levels on their images, meaning sunset backgrounds could be made to ‘pop’, whilst keeping people in the foreground in focus and at the right exposure.

Another big focus of Google’s is motion sense technology. The search giant claimed it had worked for five years on the features now available on the Pixel 4, which allow users to skip songs, silence calls and much more, without even touching their device. Instead, a series of hand gestures made near the Pixel 4 will be enough to issue those commands.

It’s not just about what’s been added – though – but also taken away. There’s no fingerprint scanner, with Google instead opting for face unlock. This feature is twinned with the gesture control, so the device registers when someone is near so turns the screen on automatically, then uses face ID to validate the user.

The Pixel 4, with its 5.7” FHD+ screen, is available for pre-order now from £669. There is also an XL version, boasting a 6.3” QHD+ screen, starting at £829.