From disaster to new systems in 5 days

Last week M2 computing was contacted by a company in distress. It was only a small business but like all businesses in today’s environment they could not live without email and access to documents and accounts.

The systems were on their knees, the server was hanging and had to be powered down every hour to bring it back to life. The PC’s running Vista were like snails and the managers and staff morale was extremely low and very little work could be done.

M2 came up with the solution, negotiated the deal and implemented a completely new system within 5 days and the client is now fully functioning and ready to forget the past.

Well done team! another happy customer


 Wednesday and Thursday

  • Current system audit
  • Workshop testing and set-up for server and PC’s


  • Migrated the entire email system to Microsoft Office 365


  • Users and profiles created and tested
  • Mobile devices connected to new platform

Monday – onsite

  • Set-up and installed new Server hardware running on Microsoft Server 2012
  • Replaced all PC’s with new and installed all applications
  • All data migrated to the new server
  • Printing configured
  • Secure offsite backup configured and running
  • Safely disposed of all old redundant equipment
  • Now supported by M2 Computing management and support contract