Businesses are failing to provide their employees with the technology needed to do their jobs efficiently, according to a new survey by Ricoh.

The electronics firm surveyed 1,000 workers from across Britain and Ireland, finding that almost half (46%) reported that their current work setups were lacking. In many cases the blame for this was laid at the door of the employer, with 32% believing that their company does not provide the necessary technology they require to do their jobs well.

Similar concerns were voiced by those working remotely, although not at such a high level. Here, just over a quarter (28%) of respondents said the technology they were provided for hybrid work either didn’t match their expectations, or worse, actively hindered their productivity.

This should come as some concern to businesses, especially after some 30% of people said they’d consider a new job if their conditions and workplace experience didn’t meet expectations.

Of course, all this may seem like more expense to employers, having to continually deliver the high-spec technology their workers demand – but that may not necessarily be the case.

Numerous reports have shown that businesses are paying out for unused software licences they no longer require, losing vast sums of money that could be spent on improving employee tech.

There are also many other benefits that come with deploying more up-to-date systems, including improved AI capabilities to boost productivity, or new experience tools that promote more focused working.

CEO of Ricoh Europe, Nicola Downing told of the findings: “Looking ahead, it is imperative that businesses align their technology offerings with employee needs, particularly around process automation and workplace experience, which can help employees be more productive and focus on tasks where they can add more value.”

This belief was echoed by Ricoh UK Director of Digital Service Consultancy, Dennis Scannell, who said that any businesses rolling out a workplace transformation project should put “employee experience… at the centre”.