For many of us, 2020 has been characterised by remote meetings, group conference calls and even virtual pub quizzes. Now, with the festive season looming large on the horizon, there could be a new addition to the mix – the Zoom Christmas Party.

Businesses across the UK are exploring ways to still host their traditional Christmas celebrations, even if people can’t get together in person. So, in keeping with most other meetings from this year, video calling looks to have provided the answer.

Hire Space is one business looking to capitalise on this trend, with a new feature that provides virtual partygoers the chance to move around and explore different areas – to recreate a physical party as closely as possible.

It has created a program offering different rooms (in one example there was a comedy club, jazz bar and bingo hall) that people navigate to by clicking on an interactive map. From here, attendees can join whatever festivities they like – all from the comfort of their own home.

There’s also the chance to partner with other companies, to align it even more closely with a traditional Christmas party. For example, businesses have explored the idea of sending hot meals out to staff members so they can still sit down together and eat, whilst others sent complimentary drinks, for a social at the virtual pub.

It’s not just about Christmas parties either, with cook-along displays or interactive craft activities adding a new dimension to the humble video conference.

Hire Space’s new offering (and the many others like it) are more than just a fun diversion this Christmas, of course. It shows the importance to businesses of pivoting their offer in line with the changing regulations, rather than feeling like the ‘new normal’ leaves them redundant. After all, Hire Space started as a service for providing physical venue leasing, but has gone virtual to continue providing its services.

Events such as these also provide businesses the chance to boost morale and get people together – albeit virtually – in something more engaging than a group call. It also reinforces their credentials as a positive employer, bringing in remote working processes that a growing number of people are calling out for. And with January being the time that people often look for new jobs, it could be a very timely option indeed.