Video conferencing tools have seen their stock soar in recent months, with more of us working from home than ever before. Zoom is no exception – with people around the world now using it for business meetings, conference calls and social check-ins. If you’re one of the millions of people now doing just that, take a look at our five tips to elevate your future meetings.

  1. Create recurring meetings with the same URL
    Rather than having to schedule regular meetings and share a different URL with attendees every time you do, instead you can set them up to recur. Within My Meetings > Schedule a Meeting you can dictate how often you want the recurrence (daily, weekly etc.) and for how long. The added benefit here is that it’ll be the same URL for attendees to access the meeting each time.
  2. Record your meeting
    It’s possible to record Zoom meetings, whether you want to look back on it for your own benefit or show it to anyone who couldn’t attend in person. Simply head to My Meeting Settings before your call begins and set it to record. If you’re a paying customer, you can save the recording on Zoom’s cloud – so there should be no concerns around storage.
  3. Don’t worry about keeping a register
    If you want to see who attended your meeting, you don’t need to go through the hassle of writing down each name as they join. Instead, head to Account Management > Reports > Usage Reports. Find the meeting you need an attendee list for and voila – everyone will be there. However, these reports are only available to certain account holders on specific plans, so it’s worth checking you’re able to use this function before relying on it.
  4. Use annotations during screen share
    The screen share feature is highly effective – but did you know you can share annotations too? When looking at someone else’s shared screen, select View Option > Annotate. This is especially useful when mocking up designs or covering graphical elements that need input from multiple stakeholders.
  5. Know the keyboard shortcuts
    Keyboard shortcuts can help save you and your meeting attendees valuable time. There are three that are particularly useful. I takes you to the invite window (Alt + I on Windows or Cmd + I on MacOS), M will mute all attendees (Alt + M or Cmd + Ctrl + M) and S will share your screen (Alt + Shift + S or Cmd + Shift + S). Knowing these five simple tricks will help save you time, open up new functionality, and elevate your Zoom meetings to new heights.