Google’s Android operating system continues to dominate the UK smartphone market, which means you’re more likely to be using one of these devices than an iPhone or any of the other brands.

So we thought you may be interested to read the following three Android tips, designed to save time and make your mobile life a little easier.

Dial a contact the easy way

Nobody remembers phone numbers anymore. That’s what phones are for. But when you’ve got hundreds of people in your contacts book, finding the number you’re after can be a slow process. Unless, that is, you simply type out their name in numerical form.

In the keypad, just start typing the desired contact’s name in digits, using old keyboard speak as your translation tool. So, as an example, to find a contact called Mike, simply type 6,4,5,3. That’s m (6),i (4),k (5),e (3) in case you were wondering. Time saved, contact found, sorted.

Give two fingers for quick settings

You probably know that swiping down from the top of your Android handset’s home screen will launch the notifications menu. But did you know that throwing a second finger into the mix brings quick settings to the fore?

Saving precious seconds and a second swipe, this double-digit motion puts Wi-Fi controls, screen casting options and Bluetooth shortcuts at your fingertips with literally zero hassle and minimal effort. Very useful.

Hide your embarrassing bits from friends

There are certain things on your phone you probably don’t want others to see. You browser history, embarrassing taste in music and the results of your endless selfie practice for a start.

Fortunately, you can keep this content to yourself, even when letting friends use your phone.

Simply drag down the quick settings menu (with two fingers as described above), and tap the user icon in the top corner. Here you can ‘Add a guest’ and limit access to only what you’re comfortable with people seeing.