Are you getting the most out of your iPhone? Here are ten hidden features you may not know about but they could come in handy.

#1 Secret magnifying glass

To enlarge images tap the ‘home’ button three times. To activate, go to Settings, General, Accessibility and Magnifier.

#2 Add special effects to iMessages

Use the ‘slam’ effect to cause a ripple or add a full-screen balloon image. Press down on the arrow to the right of the text using 3D Touch.

#3 Go to desktop site using a shortcut

You can quickly request a desktop site by holding down the refresh button in the top left. Choose desktop option and away you go.

#4 Emoji shortcuts

Go to Settings, General, Keyboard and select ‘replace text’. Press the plus icon in the top right corner, then in the phrase column, put your emoji and your chosen shortcut (such as ‘WW’). Type WW and the emoji appears!

#5 Get calls announced

iPhone can announce who is calling without you having to check your phone. Go to Settings, Phone, and select Announce Calls and it will read them out.

#6 Take photos and videos simultaneously

You can take photos while videoing with your iPhone. Simply press the white circle in the bottom of the screen and you can take a photo of the scene.

#7 Using headphones to take photos

You can also use the buttons on the EarPod cords to take photos. Plug in your headphones and line up the shot. Then click the headphone button up or down.

#8 Save data when you’re abroad

You can turn off apps that you don’t need to save data and money. Go to Settings, Mobile Data and scroll down, then turn on and off as desired.

#9 Auto Focus lock

This feature is ideal for photo opportunities when you want control over focus and exposure. Tap and hold on the screen where you want to focus until it flickers. AE/AF Lock indicates that focus and exposure are set.

#10 Do Not Disturb mode

Want some privacy? Schedule iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode by going to Settings and Do Not Disturb, and choose a time.