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Consider the Cloud before spending on
your IT

First, what is ‘The Cloud’? All it means is that your application or service - Office, eMail or telephony perhaps - is hosted somewhere else (in ‘The Cloud’), on a superior platform, that is accessed via the web.

At M2 we understand smaller businesses. We know what drives them and, from an IT perspective, we know what limits them. That’s why we set up M2 Cloud; the part of our business that looks to the future of computing for businesses like yours. You will have heard lots about Cloud computing and with good reason. For most businesses it offers an astonishing combination of benefits that make it hard to beat – and easy to justify.

Delivering real benefits

Small businesses are so interested in it because they recognise that at last they are being offered a set of tools that deliver real benefits in a model that just works for them. M2 Cloud solutions are flexible, easy to use and, most importantly, cost effective.

So, if you are considering replacing that creaking server in the corner or need to review how you move forwards to equip your business for the future then you need to pause and consider what M2 Cloud could do for you:

  • Lower IT support costs
  • Transform IT expenditure from a Capital Expense to an Operating Expense – no big up-front investment
  • Greater business agility – instantly expand or contract user numbers
  • No wasted budget on investing for future growth - just pay for what you use now with a low per-user monthly cost
  • Access and use your applications and data from anywhere; at home, on the road, abroad, you just need an internet connection
  • Hassle-free IT support – M2 Cloud manages servers, security and upgrades
  • No need to worry about back-up or disaster recovery ever again
  • Benefit from enterprise-class data security

Only pay for what you need

Access M2 Cloud through a simple pay as you go subscription fee that gives you access to your virtual desktop with Microsoft Office, data storage, a complete backup solution, firewall, ant-virus protection and even IT support. As it’s device independent, your virtual PC delivers all of your software applications, data and files to virtually any Internet connected device accessed from anywhere in the world.

Access from anywhere on virtually any device

M2 Cloud means you never have to worry about your system again. You always have access to your applications and files as long as you can get to the Internet. You aren’t even just limited to a PC. M2 Cloud is device independent so you can access everything on a PC, an Apple Mac, Netbook and Thin client or indeed virtually anything that can access the web.


'We are very satisfied with the service and would like to develop our relationship further.'

R.Walters ~ Solicitors

'From the first experience, I have always found the service to be of the highest standard.'

I.Marlow ~ Estate Agents

'For a high volume, client-service business such as ours, it is extremely comforting to know that our technology is provided and maintained by M2 Computing.'

R.Weekes ~ Financial Sector

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